The Django Chain

Nobody does character posters better than Quentin Tarantino, as seen here for the upcoming Django Unchained — although, much like his films, this marketing ploy has been “borrowed” so much from other studios/filmmakers that it’s hard to remember that he was the one who reinvigorated the concept.

Engaging Apatow…

With this weekend’s Five Year Engagement, it looks like Judd Apatow’s eight year winning streak at the box office will continue as the prolific comedy director-producer of raunch’n’romance has been the life of the party ever since 2004’s Anchorman…(ImpAwards)

Presidents’ Day Poster Bash!

Today in the USA is Presidents Day (aka first President George Washington’s birthday), a federal holiday for Americans to celebrate their Presidential history, as well as a much-welcomed Monday off for some offices and their worker bees…(ImpAwards)

Here’s a few new takes on ol’ Honest Abe Lincoln…

And if you’re feeling nostalgic about the Bush years, look back at this set of clever character posters

Ready For Their Chuck Close-Up?

The trendy new Men In Black posters were undoubtedly inspired from old school modernist painter, Chuck Close’s old school methods of Pointillism…(ImpAwards)

And let’s not forget everybody’s all-time favorite pointillist, Georges Seurat.

Carnage Knowledge

Roman Polanski’s new movie-based-on-a-play, Carnage, seems to have a lot in common with some of those foursome films of the 1970’s — Carnal Knowledge and Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice — except without the sex!