What is Meansheets?

Wanna meet the Picassos and Matisses of the movie poster world? Meansheets is a celebration of the art of the movie poster, as well as the many talented and largely unknown film poster artists, illustrators, and graphic designers of the 20th Century. Meansheets is an online movie poster museum that pays homage to the world’s most beautiful Hollywood one sheets, French affiches, British quads, Italian foglis, manifestos, and more!

Meansheets was also mentioned in the UK British national newspaper, The Guardian.

By the way, the blog is called Meansheets because it’s a takeoff of the early Martin Scorsese film, Mean Streets, starring a young Robert DeNiro and Harvey Keitel (as I’m sure all of you 1970s movie buffs already knew).

mean streets1B

And if that isn’t enough to bore you, the official entertainment industry term for movie posters is one sheets.

mean still1

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  1. Nice site!
    Linked, thanks to Matt McCarthy (FILM/ART) on MoPo 06/30.
    I will be back.

  2. Hello,
    I love your blog. I thought you might want to connect with MovieArt. We’re
    located in Austin, TX and we’ve been selling authentic film posters since 1979.

    Best Regards,
    Kirby McDaniel

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