You Say Havelock, I Say Hanelock…

A few months ago, I came across the funky old-timey vintage posters of Elaine Havelock on EMoviePoster — and was transfixed by the bright, blasts of color.

And then recently, I found a few of her works for sale on Etsy from PinkPoppyVintage, but noticed that the vendor listed the artist as Elaine HANELOCK, not Havelock. A closer look at the signature does boggle the viewer…Is that a cursive N or a sloppy V? But since other movie poster galleries had also previously listed the artist as Havelock, I contacted PinkPoppyVintage to politely inform her of the minor error — but PPV quickly wrote me back that I was the one who was, in fact, incorrect as Elaine HANELOCK was a graphic pop artist in the 60’s who created mod mashups of Hollywood’s Golden Age movie stars with a psychedelic motif.

So there you have it…Whether it’s a Hanelock or a Havelock, it’s beautiful!


6 thoughts on “You Say Havelock, I Say Hanelock…

  1. Who was the IT Girl in one of Elaine’s posters, I have it and 10 other of her works. I say it is Shirley McLaine, yes? I also would
    like to sell them, Museum glass and matted and framed.

  2. A year later I find out on the bathroom wall that you had to mention our Etsy convo in your blog… After much research I came to conclusion that the artist’s name was more than likely ‘Hanelock’ as her work is listed on at least 3 of the most reputable art auction sites

    Worthpoint corp is the largest company that researches and values art. I would have rather you used them as a point of reference in your blog than to imply that I do not have a correct basis for the artist’s name.

    Pinkpoppyvintage on Etsy

    • I think it’s quite clear that if you carefully read my post that I’ve admitted my mistake — and that you were clearly in the right.

  3. You just stated that I said you were incorrect and the conclusion was loose ended….

    I would just suggest to you that before you blog about someone you do a bit more research. A polite convo back to me on Etsy would have been most appreciated.


  4. I think it’s Havelock-I just found a limited edition print at Goodwill and it says Havelock on the certificate???

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