One Hit Wonderful!

Like Rico Suave, Who Let The Dogs Out, and The Macarena Song, I guess you could say Jim Pearsall was a one-hit wonder — but what a hit it was! While working at the now-defunct movie marketing behemoth, Diener Hauser Bates Advertising, Pearsall created the artwork for Chinatown, which is arguably the greatest movie poster of all-time. And other than the 70’s b-movie Breakout starring Charles Bronson, I haven’t really come across any more of his work. So if anybody out there knows more, please let us know!

NOTE: This Jim Pearsall is not to be confused with ex-Major League baseball player, Jimmy Piersall, who was portrayed by the athletically-abominable Anthony Perkins in the 1957 sports drama, Fear Strikes Out.


6 thoughts on “One Hit Wonderful!

  1. You failed to mention his artwork for the movie Shampoo. Jimmy was a good friend of my family and i have the original chalk drawing of China Town.

  2. Cotton Club and Strange Brew and the Dancing figures on the West Side Story poster.

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