Diener’s Wieners

While looking up info on Jim Pearsall’s Chinatown, I came across a goldmine of movie posters created at the Diener Hauser Bates Advertising company from the 50’s through the 80’s (see the obit of one of the founders here), which reads like a list of past Academy Award winners. If the movie business is like a sausage factory, these guys really home the bacon!


1 thought on “Diener’s Wieners

  1. I worked at D/H/B at the end of the golden years, mid ’80s-early ’90s right out of college. That was THE entertainment place for years especially films. Can you imagine having all of your competitors under 1 roof now a days? But it worked there for over 50 years. Miramax begged for us to handle their account since they were just starting out.This link brought back memories since when we were moving I was going through original artwork for MASH, Godfather 1 and 2, Indiana Jones, Beverly Hills Cop and so many other great films that they were just going to trash! I saved a few that eventually got ruined by water damage but nobody knew about how collectible that would be back then. Shame. Great place and people!

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