Lady Day Smackdown!

No, this is not a Diana Ross tribute — but more like a movie poster celebration of Billie Holiday, the greatest female Jazz singer in history! The minimalist movie poster in the middle was created by legendary movie ad firm, Diener Hauser. (via IMP)

Diener’s Wieners

While looking up info on Jim Pearsall’s Chinatown, I came across a goldmine of movie posters created at the Diener Hauser Bates Advertising company from the 50’s through the 80’s (see the obit of one of the founders here), which reads like a list of past Academy Award winners. If the movie business is like a sausage factory, these guys really home the bacon!

One Hit Wonderful!

Like Rico Suave, Who Let The Dogs Out, and The Macarena Song, I guess you could say Jim Pearsall was a one-hit wonder — but what a hit it was! While working at the now-defunct movie marketing behemoth, Diener Hauser Bates Advertising, Pearsall created the artwork for Chinatown, which is arguably the greatest movie poster of all-time. And other than the 70’s b-movie Breakout starring Charles Bronson, I haven’t really come across any more of his work. So if anybody out there knows more, please let us know!

NOTE: This Jim Pearsall is not to be confused with ex-Major League baseball player, Jimmy Piersall, who was portrayed by the athletically-abominable Anthony Perkins in the 1957 sports drama, Fear Strikes Out.