More Mos!

His name sounds Spanish, but Antonio MOS, aka Mario De Berardinis, is one of the “mos” underrated Italian movie poster designers. Although his credits are mos-ly B-movies, his illustrations and unusual close-up style are mos decidedly A-list as seen below…

4 thoughts on “More Mos!

  1. Mario De Berardinis not Antonio MOS

    I am the daughter and the official in charge of the art work of my father Mario de Berardinis (MOS).

    You sell some posters of MOS and there is a mistake about is name. You writte Antonio MOS but he firmed MOS and ALMOS but his real name is Mario De Berardinis and not Antonio MOS. Can you correct the “astist Information” for all movie posters : Duel, Suspiria et Universo proibito….


    thank you

      • He never use Antonio because is name is Mario. He firm all is movie painting MOS, the M for Mario and the D (De) became to the O and the B (Berardinis) became S. The people read M / O / S but is real initial was M / D / B. The last year before he died in 1977, he firmed ALMOS because his twin brother died too one year before him. His twin brother name Albino! That’s why he firmed ALMOS. The name Antonio had nothing to do in this story 🙂

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