Franco Spaghetti-O!

He is the man with no first name (at least one that I could find!) and goes by the nom de plume, P. Franco. But what’s more important is that this Italian illustrator mastered the movie poster art of the spaghetti western (no relation, of course, to Franco-American, maker of SpaghettiO’s).

Although Franco’s credits are chock full of Italian B-movie shoot ’em-ups, much like his poster buds, Symeoni and Gasparri — he also drew a few Hollywood classics, such as Dirty Harry and The Seven Year Itch.

Sparring With Gasparri!

Rodolfo Gasparri, the Italian stallion movie poster artist, was featured last year for his badass Django sheets — but this guy also had a softer side as he drew up many Italian romances and melodramas, as well.

But never trust an artist who likes guns because you never know when his/her dark side might come out!

More Mos!

His name sounds Spanish, but Antonio MOS, aka Mario De Berardinis, is one of the “mos” underrated Italian movie poster designers. Although his credits are mos-ly B-movies, his illustrations and unusual close-up style are mos decidedly A-list as seen below…

My Favorite Godfathers

To continue with mob week, I’m going to the mattresses The Godfather movie posters to make you an offer that you can’t refuse…

And if that’s not sweet enough for ya, then I’ll also throw in a mention of Taschen’s Godfather Family Album.