Return of Marilyn Monroe…

Marilyn Monroe gets an Andy Warhol movie poster makeover — with these two Italian posters by Alberto Spagnoli for River of No Return.

river of no return italianriver of no return riviere-sans-retour-ital-2F poster alberto spagnoli

Star Wars Goes Spaghetti Western

Django Unchained has renewed interest in the 1960s Italian spaghetti western genre — and Tim Anderson has taken it to another level with his clever set of limited edition Star Wars aka Guerre Stellari Trilogy posters…(Pinterest)

GuerreStellariTrilogy-2ndEd-24x36 tim anderson posters

Django Double Feature!

Before Quentin Tarantino’s Django is Unchained across cineplexes on Christmas Day, there will be a limited release of Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 original film, Django, on 12/21 to give audiences some backstory of the spaghetti western. (Deadline Hollywood)

django_unchaineddjango italian movie poster2

The Django Chain

Nobody does character posters better than Quentin Tarantino, as seen here for the upcoming Django Unchained — although, much like his films, this marketing ploy has been “borrowed” so much from other studios/filmmakers that it’s hard to remember that he was the one who reinvigorated the concept.

The Good, The Bad, and The Clint.

We don’t like to get too political here on Meansheets, but did anybody catch Clint Eastwood’s speech at the GOP Convention last night? Whoa, I know this blog is a celebration of nostalgia — but I just want to erase last night and remember Clint the way Bill Gold did.

Oh well, I’m sure Eastwood will get plenty of chances to laugh it off when he does the press junket for his upcoming Trouble With the Curve.


Is it a popular 1970s TV catch-phrase or an explosive movie poster?

For A Few Dollars More…

It’s that time of year again –– Heritage Auctions is putting on its Vintage Movie Poster Signature Auction in Beverly Hills, July 25-26.

And if you’re looking forward to Tarantino’s Django Unchained, the godfather of the spaghetti western, Clint Eastwood, will be dialing for dollars!

Bass Country…

Although Saul Bass is typically viewed as modern design’s urban sophisticate with his simple, savvy titles, he wasn’t afraid to put on his cowboy hat when he had to…

American Shepard

Old school rock legend, Neil Young, has signed up new school poster star, Shepard Fairey, to do a whole batch of cover art for his new album, Americana, which kinda reminds me of that classic one-sheet for Terence Malick’s Days of Heaven