Operation Kitchen Sink!

You gotta love movie posters that give you lots of information about the movie — but is there such a thing as too much information? Here’s some unnamed Italian artists who threw in everything and the kitchen sink in showing off their designs…(EMoviePoster)

Terrible Tino Avelli

Italian illustrator, Tino Avelli, was a badass with the brush — as he shot up numerous canvases with his colorful, cutthroat characters. (EMoviePoster)

Bored and Repulsed?

Enzo Nistri seems a little bored while Roman Polanski presents the art of Repulsion.

The Essence of Cesselon

Following his higher calling in movie posters, it’s no wonder that Italian illustrator, Angelo Cesselon, later moved onto drawing portraits of saints and other religious paintings for churches since looking at his beautiful work can be somewhat of a religious experience.

I’m not sure if he was repenting for all of his past pretty Marilyn Monroe depictions — regardless, his many artful creations are for the ages. (via Dominique Besson)

International Bonds

With the world’s financial markets going into the toilet, now might be a good time to buy Bonds. That’s right — James Bond! Specifically, these International beauties from Italian designers, Giorgio Olivetti (top row) and Averardo Ciriello (bottom left), as well as French kingpin, Boris Grinsson (bottom right). (via Heritage and 007 Illustrated)

Enzo Nistri-Damus!

If I could look into my crystal ball and tell you which Italian movie poster artists will stand the test of time, then I think it’s safe to say that Enzo Nistri (not to be confused with Ercole Brini) has established his legacy with a boat load full of enchanting poster designs. (via MoviePosterDB and EmP)

Hookin’ Up?

This isn’t really a fair fight considering the celebrated pedigree of the Marlon Brando classic, but here’s an ice hook smackdown between two International movie poster superstars: Anselmo Ballester (On The Waterfront) vs. Guy Gerard Noel (The Clouded Yellow)…

Tarantino Meets Django!

What do you know? Just last week, we featured the beautiful Italian movie posters by Symeoni and Gasparri from the 1960s spaghetti western, Django — and now comes word that Quentin Tarantino has just finished his latest script, Django Unchained, which will surely be a bloody, modern Southern-ized update on the much-heralded, though little-seen classic

Franco Spaghetti-O!

He is the man with no first name (at least one that I could find!) and goes by the nom de plume, P. Franco. But what’s more important is that this Italian illustrator mastered the movie poster art of the spaghetti western (no relation, of course, to Franco-American, maker of SpaghettiO’s).

Although Franco’s credits are chock full of Italian B-movie shoot ’em-ups, much like his poster buds, Symeoni and Gasparri — he also drew a few Hollywood classics, such as Dirty Harry and The Seven Year Itch.