Kitchen Sink Jurassic Park!

Everybody’s favorite kitchen sink French poster artist, Constantin Belinsky, is back with L’Oasis Des Tempetes aka The Land Unknown! (SciFi Movies)

affiche-l-oasis-des-tempetes-the-land-unknown-1957 french poster constantin belinsky

Days of Hopper?

Which came first: the painting (top, by Edward Hopper) or the movie poster (below)?

IMHO, it doesn’t really matter since they are both beautiful pieces of art — although some are much more “valuable” than others. (MoMA / FilmArt)

house by the railroad edward hopperdays of heaven movie poster

French Movie Poster of the Day brings us this beauty…

la femme-du-boulanger-R1

Gatsby Uncovered!

Could this be the Year of the bikini flapper? Matchbook goes Gatsby! (IMP)

matchbook gatsby bikinisgreat_gatsby_ver7_xlg

Getting Leggy With it…

Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of A Marriage Counselor is looking to get a leg up from past one-sheets by Saul Bass (Such Good Friends) and Showgirls.(IMP)

Such Good Friends poster saul bassshowgirlstyler_perrys_temptation_confessions_of_a_marriage_counselor_ver2

Iron Man Down!

The new Iron Man 3 sequel is going to touch down this weekend at the Super Bowl, along with a whole slew of other movie trailers…(DHD)

iron man 3 poster

Google That Movie

If you liked that Facebook movie (The Social Network), maybe you’ll click with the new Google-shot comedy with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, The Internship.


Jerry Lewis Comeback?

This is no joke…Jerry Lewis, the king of 1950s comedy, could be making a comeback on the silver screen very soon. (Deadline)

king of comedy1french_small_artists_and_models_R70s hurel