Who Says Print Is Dead?

While movie advertising has seemingly dried up and blown away over the last five years, check out this bold new print ad spread for the HBO series, Game of Thrones, in The New York Times…(Business Insider)

game of thrones newspaper ad

All That You Wanted To Know About Top Billing…

…but were afraid to ask! Ben Schott of The New York Times breaks it down for you. (NYT)

nyt ben schott billing block

The Art of Copy

We all know the movie stars, producers, and directors whose names appear on the movie poster credits of our favorite films — but what about those unsung creators who come up with the taglines on these posters? Meet one who was recently written up in The New York Times

The Movie Poster Shop Around The Corner

I’ve never been to Norwich, but if I ever do get there someday, my first stop will be Peter Cossey’s longtime Norwich Movie Shop. I mean, look at how cozy, quaint, and old school-cool this place looks. You can just smell the dusty treasure, can’t you?

And The New York Times agrees!

An Underappreciated Actress

The New York Times had a nice tribute to the career of actress, Jill Clayburgh, who passed away over the weekend…

Heir to The Line King?

Most of the time here we talk about movie posters — but today we’re going legit! Theatre, that is. Because ever since the colorless caricaturist, Al Hirschfeld, passed away seven years ago — Broadway has been looking for an illustrator to pick up the slack and The New York Times showcased a few up-and-comers.

Below is Victor Juhasz‘s takes on the recent B’way productions of Glengarry Glen Ross and Talk Radio


I recently had a delightful day attending the Maira Kalman exhibit at The CJM to launch her new book, Various Illuminations of A Crazy World.

Kalman, whose colorful illustrations have brightened both The New York Times (via her amazing And The Pursuit of Happiness blog) and The New Yorker covers for years, has never done a movie poster before (I don’t think!). However, she has collaborated with Animal House pal, Rick Meyerowitz, on several projects, including the famed Newyorkistan cover below (left), which cleverly spoofed Saul Steinberg’s legendary 1976 “View of the World” (right).

Not that she needs the work — but here’s hoping that Wes Anderson or some quirky indie film snaps her up soon to do their next print campaign!

The Art of film/art

The Film/Art Gallery in Los Angeles has a cool new page up now detailing the transition of movie poster advertising from the feel good 50’s to the Mad Men-esque explosion of photography in the 60’s and 70’s. And there’s also a nice mention of film/art’s tasteful proprietor, Matthew McCarthy, in The New York Times!