Hopkins Does Hitchcock!

The new trailer for Anthony Hopkins‘s Hitchcock slashed through the Internets yesterday — as the picture focuses on the making of Psycho (while HBO’s The Girl is all about The Birds). Plus, we also got our first look at Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh.

Black Widow Lake?

No doubt the new limited-edition Black Widow posters by indie UK artist, Olly Moss, (courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse) are all sold out by now…but perhaps Veronica Lake is still available?

Old Black Widows…

With ScarJo’s return as Black Widow in The Avengers, I thought you might like to see two vintage widows…(EMoviePoster)

Looking For Mr. Candybar?

You’ve probably heard of Body Heat and Hard Candy, but how ’bout this 1970s X-Rated treat, Body Candy, that’s up on EMoviePoster? It looks like MAD Magazine met up with one of those candy wrapper-clad pin-up paintings by famous pop artist, Mel Ramos.

In any event, since Hollywood seems so recently enamored with making movies out of board games (e.g., Battleship, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots aka Real Steel), it probably won’t be long before they start producing films based on candy bars. I can just see the one-sheet now…Snickers: The Movie!


The Magnificent Mel at Movie PosterCollectors.com and PosterNirvana recently posted these tricked out UK teasers from the magical 2006 Christopher Nolan film, The Prestige (via APF)

The Scarlett Widow

The new Black Widow character posters from Iron Man 2 are out and Scarlett Johannson’s lookin’ pretty badass!

But let’s see how she stacks up against these other superheroines…