Hello Young Adult!

It appears that Young Adult is not afraid to engage the Hello Kitty crowd…

Shit Happens

Just when you thought there were no bigger boffo female stars than Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston, this happens

backlash diablo foxshit happens

Megan’s Body

megfox rollingstone

Prior to unleashing Jennifer’s Body upon the world, Megan Fox opened up to Rolling Stone about what it’s like to be really hot and how men are afraid of vaginas…


Girl Crazy Like A Fox

BREAKING NEWS: Megan Fox isn’t afraid to kiss her some girls!

mamma mia megan

Wes Anderson + Megan Fox = Fantastic!

Do you support the Megan Fox ban? The Royal Tenenbaum votes no!

fantastic meganfox

Check out the Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer here.

Who Ripped Off Who?

trueblood vs jen's body

The movie blogs have been spewing blood a while now about the controversy surrounding these two eerily similar posters for HBO’s True Blood and Diablo Cody’s Jennifer’s Body.

All I can say is that the red band trailer for JB with Megan Fox looks pretty good. And I don’t even like horror movies!