Lotta Lincolns!

Honest Abe would be rolling over in his grave if he knew that this John Wilkes Booth-inspired poster for Birth of A Nation (left) recently sold for over $48,000…(HA)

birth of a nation movie posterlincoln movie poster

Pummeled is the new Pretty?

Brutal movie posters. Literally. (JoBlo)


…or what’s old is bloody again! (IMP)


Cannes Kind of Love…

The new poster for The 2013 Cannes Film Festival is a tribute of sorts to the 1960s Paul Newman-Joanne Woodward starrer, A New Kind of Love — although I’ve always had a deep crush on the French version by Roger Soubie (top right). (DHD)

cannes film festival poster 2013a new kind of love soubie movie posternew kind of love

Spring Bling!

With Spring Breakers opening wide this week, and Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring coming this summer, it appears that girls are the new boys thugs…

spring-breakers-poster The-Bling-Ring-poster-trailerjpg-744x1000spring_breakers_ver11


Oh yeah, and if you want to check out The Hollywood Reporter‘s mashup of HBO’s GIRLS and Spring Breakers, here you go…

New Mad Men Poster

Here’s to Matthew Weiner and the boys at Mad Men — a show that details the history of advertising — for tracking down Brian Sanders, a British illustrator during the 1960s golden era of magazine ads, to draw up the new poster for this season. (NYT)

mad men tv show season 6 poster brian sanders

All That You Wanted To Know About Top Billing…

…but were afraid to ask! Ben Schott of The New York Times breaks it down for you. (NYT)

nyt ben schott billing block

The Flash Man Cometh!

Fresh off his Oscars gig, if you haven’t yet seen Ted, the Seth MacFarlane summer hit comedy with a dirty-talking teddy bear — there’s a funny subplot involving the Mark Wahlberg character’s infatuation with the 1980 superhero film, Flash Gordon.

So what better moment to go back in time to match up that 80s classic with this old 60s French poster? (FilmsPosters)

flash gordonflashman french poster

Happy Presidents Day!

I know Marilyn Monroe serenaded JFK in this video, but this one goes out to all of our Presidents!

marilyn by grinsson