Daniel Day-Lincoln?

Steven Spielberg’s highly-anticipated historical drama, Lincoln, comes out this fall — and Dreamworks has just released this first image of British/Irish-Anglo thespian, Daniel Day-Lewis, as the iconic American President (not the Vampire Hunter).

Moon Shots!

No matter where in the world you were this weekend, hopefully you had a chance to check out the supermoon. And nobody liked to go full moon on their movie posters more than Steven Spielberg and ’80s poster design legend, John Alvin!

Super Spielberg!

It was a super duper weekend at the box office for Super 8, the new J.J. Abrams/Steven Spielberg-produced film that’s been described as a 21st Century mix of E.T. (by John Alvin) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

And, as you can see below, even the movie posters bare an eerily striking resemblance. (ImpAwards)

Spielberg Does Tintin

Steven Spielberg is producing a reboot of the classic French comic strip series, The Adventures of Tintin, originally conceived by Belgian artist, Jacques Remi aka Hergé (not to be confused with the similarly comic-influenced French illustrator, Hervé Morvan).

Here’s the newly-released poster (top left), along with an amusing E.T. spoof (top right) from FuckYeah Movie Posters as well as an original 1960’s ad by Raymond Savignac

Poster Crush: EatBrie!

EatBrie, the humble home of Thierry Brame’s movie poster collection, is a feast for the eyes. The modest Brame will tell you that his bounty is no big deal, but don’t believe a word of it! Rumored to have the world’s largest stash of Spielberg one-sheets (aside from Mr. Spielberg, I’m sure), Brame’s website breaks down his posters into an easy searchable database by Actors/Actresses, Director, Genre, Country of Origin, Release Date — and, my personal favorite, Last 100 Purchases, where he shows off his most recent mouth-watering buys.

So if you have an insatiable appetite for movie posters, dig into EatBrie — and join his All Poster Forum!

Spielberg + Lucas = Rockwell

The LA Times has a nice write-up about a new exhibit at The Smithsonian American Art Museum featuring two of Norman Rockwell’s biggest fans/collectors, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Although the exhibition doesn’t feature Rockwell’s movie posters, it will showcase the master storyteller’s All-Americana skills.

John Alvin’s Chipmunks

Although Alvin & The Chipmunks are squeakin’ at the box office today, they don’t got nothin’ on legendary poster designer, John Alvin, who died tragically at the age of 59 from a heart attack back in 2008. Fortunately for us, his hopeful, inspirational work lives on…

Saul Bass Presents Schindler’s List

Did you know that Steven Spielberg asked Saul Bass to do a poster for Schindler’s List? Neither did I! Regardless, I think Universal made the right choice in going with a more dramatic design.

Indiana Jones: Amsel vs. Struzan

Whose Indy work do you prefer: Richard Amsel’s (top) or Drew Struzan’s (bottom)?

(NOTE: If you zoom in, you can see the artist’s signatures on the bottom lower right of each poster…something I’m sure today’s corporate studio marketing departments would never allow!)