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Notice anything different today about the Meansheets? Okay, I know it’s not a major renovation, but the old aptly-named Kubrick default WordPress theme was causing some linkage issues — so I updated to the newer, sleeker, more modern Twenty Eleven theme…so now I’m only two years behind the curve!

However, I figured that since this blog celebrates vintage posters, there’s certainly no rush to be timely!

Out with the old…

And in with the new…
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And in honor of Mr. Kubrick…
clockwork orangedr_strangelovebarry_lyndon french movie poster

The Most Pinteresting Movie Posters in the World…

If you’re into the social networking thing…Meansheets is now on Pinterest! Look for the P icon on sidebar at right (the t is for Tumblr). (Pinterest)

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Meansheets Takes A Tumblr

Just in case you missed some of the greatest hits — not to mention, extremely accomplished artists and illustrators — featured here in the past 2+ years, feel free to check out the new sleeker version of Meansheets on Tumblr.

What The Heck Happened To MeanSheets?

MeanSheets was originally created to spoof movies, movie stars, and all of the seemingly infinite pop culture references that saturate our snarky, celebrity-obsessed society. But after a while, I felt kinda sleazy trying to catch up on all of the gossip about Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian…

So, MeanSheets has been rejuven-amped!

MeanSheets will now focus on the art of the movie poster and the many incredibly talented and largely unknown movie poster artists and designers of the 20th Century. So consider MeanSheets like an online museum — where we pay tribute to the Picassos and Matisses of the movie poster world.

And for those of you who still miss the Megan Fox pics, there’s always the archives!

Shameless Self-Promotional Poster #3

mean girls sheets

MEAN GIRLS just wanna have fun…

Too bad Lindsay Lohan didn’t stick with comedy.

Shameless Self-Promotional Poster #2

mean creek sheets

MEAN CREEK meets MeanSheets…

I’m not sure how many people saw this movie with one of the Culkin kids, but I really like the title font — creepy/cool!

Shameless Self-Promotional Poster #1

mean season sheets

Before Kurt Russell brought us OVERBOARD and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, there was THE MEAN SEASON…with a very scary guy who played the boss in THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS with Michael J. Fox.

And Introducing Meansheets

mean sheets master2

Welcome to da mean streets of MeanSheets, starring The World’s Most Awesome Movie Poster Spoofs. Okay, “World’s Most Awesome” might be an overstatement, but you gotta start somewhere.

We’re looking for the best and the brightest…who can do the crudest and the cheesiest. Send in your favorite mash-up movie posters now!