Polish German Russian Movie Poster Artists…

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great gatsby poster polish jerzy flisakklute polish poster mlodozeniec

Jerzy Flisak                                        Jan Mlodozeniec

the muppet movie swierzy polish movie posterpolish poster_the professionals wiktor gorka
Waldemar Swierzy                              Wiktor Gorka

butterfield8 german movie poster hans braunmaltese falcon german poster hans hillman
Hans Braun                                       Hans Hillman

metropolis french movie poster boris bilinsky
Boris Bilinsky

polish_23x33_sabrina_JC03579_Lpolish_26x38_cabaret_R88 poster pagowski

Maciej Zbikowski                                Andrzej Pagowski

the american friend movie poster sickerts55 days at peking german poster klaus ruttersstenberg bros russian film poster2

Sickert                             Klaus Rutters             Georgii and Vladimir Stenberg

And let’s not forget these enchanting Danish poster artists below…

stalag_17 danish poster wenzelrear window danish movie poster stillingdanish_this_man_must_die_JM00953_L

Karl Wenzel                       Stilling                            Stevenov

Polish Lichtenstein?

Are movie posters Pop Art? Just came across this Roy Lichtenstein-y Polish poster design by Jan Mlodozeniec for the 1980 sci-fi pic, Saturn 3 (top left), starring Farrah Fawcett…(EMoviePoster)

polish_26x38_saturn_3 poster jan mlodozeniecfarrah fawcett swimsuit posterhappy tears

The Grand Iluzjon

If the names Flisak, Mlodozeniec, and Swierzy make your eyeballs go in a tizzy, then you’ll be thrilled to witness the Iluzjon of beautiful Polish movie posters on display at 18 Hewett Street in London this week (Oct. 19-29), compliments of EyeSeaPosters and Protein.

There’s also a special preview night on Oct. 18 where I’m sure the Polish vodka will be honored as well!

Into The Mystics

Could two movies with similar titles possibly be any more different? I guess there’s a wide gulf between pizza and river — and possibly an even wider gulf between USA and Polish movie posters as seen below from Jan Mlodozeniec. (ImpAwards)

The Conformist!

Nobody likes a conformist…except for these movie posters, especially the Polish one by Mlodozeniec (bottom left)!

The Polish Matisse

Ever hear the one about the Polish actress who wanted to be a movie star? Yeah, she slept with the screenwriter!

Okay, so maybe that kind of old school Hollywood humor isn’t for everybody — but yesterday I mentioned the Polish poster artist, Jan Mlodozeniec (1929-2000), and he is definitely no joke. From the early 1950’s through the 80’s, Mr. Mlodozeniec designed a good majority of the movie posters for the most popular Polish and American films that played in his homeland. From Barbarella to Gremlins, Mlodozeniec’s vivid understanding of color once even compared him to Matisse. So even if you don’t like off-color jokes, at least we all can enjoy the bright, beautiful world of Jan Mlodozeniec…

Once Upon A Smackdown!

Many a talented poster artist has tried tackling the early 80’s mafia pic, Once Upon A Time In America, including Renato Casaro (top left), Clement Hurel (top middle and top right), and Jan Mlodozeniec (bottom, middle), the Polish superstar.