Dark Shadow-juice!

Here’s some eye-poppin’ new character posters from Tim Burton’s new film, Dark Shadows — or, as some have called it, Sleepy Shadow Hollow, or Beetlejuice 2012, compliments of our good friends at ImpAwards.

The Rum Diary Drinks Up Eat Pray Love?

It appears that the studio behind Johnny Depp’s new Hunter S. Thompson biopic, The Rum Diary, was inspired by the Eat Pray Love print marketing campaign…or maybe they just had too much to drink! (ImpAwards)

Dillinger Movie Posters

Contemporary film fans were gunned down by Chicago gangster, John Dillinger, last summer with Johnny Depp’s dead-eye portrayal in Public Enemies. But there have been plenty of other pics profiling the charming Depression-era bank robber over the years…

Remake Monday: Wonkers!

Here’s the 1971 version of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory vs. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (2005). (via ImpAwards)


public enemies1

And if you don’t believe the hype of this new version of The Untouchables, maybe Johnny Depp will give you your money back.

Where Have You Gone, Sean?

Last week, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Sean Penn is taking time off from making movies to spend more time with his family, so I couldn’t help but wonder…What if he had taken the last 20+ years off? Who else could’ve possibly filled those shoes?

better off dead man walkingdeadmans chest walkingmilk money2into the wild things3fast times at highschool musical2