Jump For Their Love?

Movie Poster Ripoff…or Just Friends?

Are Friends With Benefits heading for a Break-up?

Who’s The Boss?

ImpAwards has the new set of teaser posters and official one-sheet for the new office comedy, Horrible Bosses

Remake Monday: Just Go With It

Although the trailer looks more like a remake of the Blake Edwards’ Bo Derek-starrer, 10, the new Adam Sandler-Jennifer Aniston-Brooklyn Decker movie, Just Go With It, is actually based on the late 1960s Walter Matthau-Goldie Hawn film, Cactus Flower.

By the way, the Cactus Flower one-sheet below was done by Bond designer legend, Robert McGinnis; and the voluptuous 10 by American beauty, John Alvin. (via ImpAwards)

Aniston Meets Streisand!

The Internets have been on fire with pics of Jennifer Aniston doing her best Barbra Streisand for Harper’s Bazaar. Although I never thought there was much of a resemblance between the two, it’s hard not to see the similarities in the types of films they’ve both chosen to do over the years — especially when it comes to the looks of their one-sheets!

Shit Happens

Just when you thought there were no bigger boffo female stars than Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston, this happens

backlash diablo foxshit happens

Game On

Is Gerald Butler really dating Jennifer Aniston or are they just friends? Or is this just some free publicity for their new movie…?

gamer aniston

The Lonely Girl?

Didja ever see Steve Martin’s 80’s flick, The Lonely Guy? Sounds like Jennifer Aniston wants to do a remake-over.

lonely good girl