Turkish Delights!

IMPAwards has named the Best Turkish Movie Posters of 2012. Although I’m not well-schooled in Turkey cinema, these International one-sheets by Ali Dogramaci showcase a certain flair.

yabanci turkish movie poster ali dogramaciel_yazisi turkish movie poster ali dogramaci

Cool Cats!

The new Spanish-language Will Ferrell film, Casa Mi Padre, reminds me of this old Burt Reynolds classic hombre flick. (ImpAwards)

Sneak Peak

ImpAwards has all the info if you want to pre-order a new movie poster book by 60s and 70s design icon, Bob Peak

Who’s The Boss?

ImpAwards has the new set of teaser posters and official one-sheet for the new office comedy, Horrible Bosses

Jackass Movie Posters

Courtesy of ImpAwards and BLT & Associates, here’s a slew of new movie posters for the upcoming launch of Jackass 3D.

In this day in age of self-proclaimed auteurs and creative geniuses, it’s nice to know that some guys just don’t give a sh*t.