Who Says Print Is Dead?

While movie advertising has seemingly dried up and blown away over the last five years, check out this bold new print ad spread for the HBO series, Game of Thrones, in The New York Times…(Business Insider)

game of thrones newspaper ad

The Girl Premieres…

HBO Films is all about The Girl this weekend — so try not to think about that other Hopkins Hitchcock movie…

Hitchcock and The Girl Trailer

You’ve heard of method actors, but what about method directors?

After watching the new teaser trailer for The Girl, the new HBO pic based on Alfred Hitchcock’s relationship treatment of his leading lady, Tippi Hedren, during filming of The Birds — it’s enough to drive anyone batty! (Vulture)

The Stalker of Suspense?

There’s a new Hitchcock biopic (not to be confused with the other Anthony Hopkins-Hitchcock flick) coming out in October by HBO called The Girl, starring Toby Jones as Sir Alfred — and it covers The Master of Suspense’s scary obsession with female lead, Tippi Hedren (played by Sienna Miller), during filming of The Birds and Marnie.

Send Me An Angel(s)!

81-year-old design legend, Milton Glaser, of I Heart NY fame, is at it again with another poster for Tony Kushner’s latest off-Broadway production of Angels In America

Fredo Docu

If you’ve got HBO, make sure to set your TV/Tivo tonight to I Knew It Was You, a short documentary about the life of 1970’s character actor, John Cazale. Although his brief career was cut short by cancer, his résumé is a time capsule of film classics. Not to mention, he was engaged to Meryl Streep before his untimely death.

Roman’s Holiday?

polanskiEverybody has an opinion regarding Roman Polanski’s recent arrest.

Whether you think he’s guilty or innocent, I highly recommend the excellent HBO documentary about the case. It was like the OJ Simpson case of its day with sex, drugs, and a Lance Ito-ish media whore judge.

The Hangover Gets Hung


I don’t have HBO anymore, but I can almost see bucking up for HUNG. That Alexander Payne guy knows what he’s doing!

From the man who brought you Sideways, About Schmidt, and Election, here’s a short film he did for Paris Je T’aime.

Oh yeah, and The Hangover has gotten a lot of love, too — especially from Mike Tyson.