Men of Steel!

The new one-sheet for Man of Steel mixes it up with Waldemar Swierzy’s Polish design of the 1980’s sequel of Superman III.

man_of_steel_ver2superman 3 polish movie poster swierzy

Insta Movie Poster?

The makers of the Montreal-shot indie film, J’espere Que Tu Vas Bien, have reached out to Instagram users to create low-budg one-sheets for their marketing campaign — and the Instagramers came up with 87 different posters. Look out, Hollywood studio marketing departments — it’s a brave new world!

Prometh Me…

Another Ridley Scott pic rears its ugly head! (IMP)

Golden Gate Bridge Poster Bash!

This weekend marks the 75th Anniversary of the great Golden Gate Bridge — so here’s a movie poster tribute to one of America’s most beautiful landmarks. That said, the glorious International Orange-painted bridge has dealt with its share of troubled waters over the years as 11 men were killed during its original construction — and it was also reported to be America’s #1 suicide destination in The New Yorker, which also inspired the compelling, but controversial documentary, The Bridge.

Regardless of its tragic history though, this iconic monument of early 20th Century manpower is still a stunner — happy birthday, Golden Gate!

Spider City!

The Amazing Spider-man has already taken over Broadway, so it’ll only be a matter of time before it weaves its web all over the world’s cineplexes. And Magnificent Mel of has pointed out the new teaser’s clever homage to the original 2002 Spider-man one-sheet (left), each poster respectively reflecting on two of NYC’s greatest landmarks, The World Trade Center and Empire State Building.

Pretty In Pink

Pink is the new black — at least when it comes to the trendy font flavor of the movie poster. Needless to say, the color has been around for a while ever since it got its start on Jack Rickard’s Pink Panther one-sheet back in 1963 and continued its hot streak up through the 1980s with a string of John Hughes movies. (ImpAwards)

Remake Monday: Arthur

Russell Brand busts out his boozy take on the Dudley Moore classic…Will he pass or flunk the drunk test? (ImpAwards)