Enzo Nistri-Damus!

If I could look into my crystal ball and tell you which Italian movie poster artists will stand the test of time, then I think it’s safe to say that Enzo Nistri (not to be confused with Ercole Brini) has established his legacy with a boat load full of enchanting poster designs. (via MoviePosterDB and EmP)

Silly Soccer Posters!

In honor of yesterday’s big win by the U.S. soccer team at The Womens World Cup, here’s a few silly soccer-themed movie posters from such great Italian artists as Averardo Ciriello (left) and Ezio Tarantelli (right).

(Btw, I tried, but couldn’t find any pre-70’s vintage movie posters featuring female soccer players!)

Delightful De Seta

Like a fine wine, the film posters of Italian illustrator, Enrico De Seta, born in 1908, have aged beautifully.

From kitsch to classics, this one-time comics artist has created numerous eye-popping images that will be celebrated in movie poster history for many more years to come.

The Miracle of Martinati

In the past, you’ve heard about the infamous Italian trio of artists who dubbed themselves The BCM Studio (BallesterCapitani-Martinati) — but I’ve yet to dedicate a single post to the movie posters credited solely to Luigi Martinati. So hang onto your hats, folks, because it doesn’t get much better than this…

Of course, if you want to be a true foglio aficionado, then do your eyes a favor and check out Dave Kehr’s enchanting-yet-simply-titled book, Italian Film Posters. (via Chisholm-Larsson and MoviePosterDB)

Sparring With Gasparri!

Rodolfo Gasparri, the Italian stallion movie poster artist, was featured last year for his badass Django sheets — but this guy also had a softer side as he drew up many Italian romances and melodramas, as well.

But never trust an artist who likes guns because you never know when his/her dark side might come out!

Italian Bergmans

I know when most cinephiles think of Ingmar Bergman, they think of brilliant, but deep, dark, and depressing black and white films…and maybe some quips from Woody Allen. But leave it up to these Italian movie posters to see the bright and beautiful side in his work!


Rinaldo Geleng (1920-2003) will forever be immortalized as one of Federico Fellini’s best friends in life — most notably, from his cameo appearances in the master auteur’s biography, Federico Fellini: His Life and Work, as well as the 2002 doc, Fellini: I’m A Born Liar.

But Geleng was an accomplished artist in his own right as he first attained a modicum of fame as a portrait painter in Italy — then his career really took off when Fellini hired him to head the art department for his early 50’s films. Their partnership continued on through the 80’s, as Geleng created an astonishing array of both Italian and French movie posters for some of the most popular films of their time (Bus Stop, A Streetcar Named Desire, An Affair To Remember), each design trademarked by his easily recognizable, vertically-challenged signature that appears to fall off the page.

And Geleng spread his artistic talent genetically onto his son, Giuliano, who created the famous Amarcord poster for Fellini’s 1973 film (bottom row, far right). In 2000, Felllini, honored his old pal by presenting an exhibition of his work at the Galleria Ca’d’Oro in Rome.


Dang, who knew Glenn Ford could be so sexy? I always remember him as the creepy doc in the 80’s schlockfest, Happy Birthday To Me — but he sure do look good in a cowboy hat, don’t he? I think these Italian movie posters for Jubal (1956) will back me up on that.

Btw, the top left and bottom versions were done by none other than Alfredo Capitani of the infamous BCM Studio — but of course, he could make anyone look good!

Plus Size Posters!

Speaking of history, EMoviePoster has another auction of weird, but wonderful non-U.S. oversized posters that ends today. (And yes, that is a gorilla mask that the lady in the bikini is holding in poster #1. No idea what it means!)