French Movie Poster Artists…

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seven year itch grinsson2lolita french poster roger soubie

Boris Grinsson                                    Roger Soubie

cool hand luke french poster masciitreasure of the sierra madre french poster rene peronmepris-le  french movie poster gilbert allard bardot

Jean Mascii                       Rene Peron                      Gilbert Allard

casablanca french movie poster herve morvanmon oncle3

Hervé Morvan                                                       Pierre Étaix

robert bresson integrale2folon stalkercome dance with me hurel french poster
Raymond Savignac            Jean-Michel Folon           Clement Hurel

notorious french movie poster belinskyblow-up kerfysernoel book1

Constantin Belinsky          Georges Kerfyser              Guy Gérard Nöel

la grande illusion french poster bernard lancythe branded man french poster cerutti

Bernard Lancy                                      Henri Cerutti

Voyageur-sans-Bagages french poster rojacbuster keaton bonneaudfille aux yeux french movie poster raymond gid
Rojac                                                  Jacques Bonneaud       Raymond Gid

WILD BUNCH french movie poster ferraccibarry_lyndon french movie posterbullitt french poster landi

Rene Ferracci                  Jouineau Bourduge           Michel Landi

casablanca french poster affiche pierre pigeotla dolce vita affiche douceur de vivre yves thos

Pierre Pigeot                                         Yves Thos

follow that dream french affiche siry elvis presleyforeign intrigue movie poster l'enigmatique monsieur d bertrandbal du moulin rouge o'kley french poster

Siry                                     Bertrand                          O’Kley

Viva Los Sombreros!

Hats off to these fine Mexican + French posters by Boris Grinsson (Viva Zapata), Guy Gerard Noel (Un Pistolet Pour Ringo), and Clement Hurel (La Cucaracha).

Keyhole-y Moly!

Here’s a quartet of keyhole-view movie posters through the eyes of famed French poster artists, Guy Gerard Noel (top left), Boris Grinsson (top right), and Hervé Morvan (bottom left), and an anonymous Belgian…

Hookin’ Up?

This isn’t really a fair fight considering the celebrated pedigree of the Marlon Brando classic, but here’s an ice hook smackdown between two International movie poster superstars: Anselmo Ballester (On The Waterfront) vs. Guy Gerard Noel (The Clouded Yellow)…

Movie Poster Mutiny!

I’ve never really been much of a boat person, but these French posters of The Caine Mutiny sure bring out the beauty of the drama, especially the work of artist, Rene Peron (bottom)!

Meansheets Poster Shop Grand Opening!

Ah, today’s a sad day. I’ve come to the realization (or at least my significant other has) that I have too many posters, and not enough wall space…

So I’ve decided to put up a few of my “extra” vintage one sheets and French posters up for sale at the brand-spankin’ new Meansheets Poster Shop on Etsy for all those artsy craftsy design folks out there!

So if you have the wall space, my loss could be your gain…as well as my wife’s!


From two of my favorite French movie poster artists, Guy Gérard Noël and Clement Hurel (top middle + right), come these ridiculously vibrant versions of the 1955 film, Marguerite De La Nuit

The Last Sunsets

Here’s a Belgian movie poster and two Frenchies of The Last Sunset, a 1961 love triangle western starring Kirk Douglas and Rock Hudson.

The far one on the right is by famed French horror poster artist, Guy Gérard Noël, and the middle version might be as well, too, but I could not officially confirm as of press time.