Straw Dogs

ImpAwards has the new poster for the upcoming Straw Dogs remake. To paraphrase The Who, “Meet the new dog…same as the old dog!”

Gee, I wonder why they didn’t rip off the old French poster (below) — oh yeah, the MPAA wouldn’t dare touch a one-sheet with such prominent boobs!


Is it me or do 90’s Sean Penn and 70’s Dustin Hoffman strangely resemble each other? Maybe it’s just the posters — and some of their choices of roles.


Or wait, maybe it’s Dustin Hoffman and Richard Dreyfuss that look alike? (The Big Fix is brought to you by Birney Lettick, of course!)


kramer.jpg dribbleglass.comIn honor of last night’s Seinfeld episode on Curb Your Enthusiasm (via Dribbleglass)…

Poster Ripoff?


Good call from the Movie Poster Addict…via Cinematical.