Argentinean / Spanish / Mexican Movie Poster Artists…

bonnie and clyde spanish movie posters mac gomezoceans 11 spanish movie poster mcp

Mac Gomez                                        Estudio MCP

 Movie Poster by Osvaldo Venturilost weekend argentinean movie poster
Osvaldo Venturi                                  Essex

mogambo spanish movie poster janoblack magic cagliostro-argentinean poster aniram

Jano                                                  Aniram

los interesadasnacha regules argentinean movie poster rafmarius de zayas stieglitz metropolitan2
Ernesto Garcia Cabral        RAF                              Marius de Zayas

That Old Black Magic

Although not as well known as fellow Argentinean, Osvaldo Venturi, the artist known simply as Aniram did some similarly rich, deep designs for the Argentine movie theatre marquees, most notably Orson Welles’ Black Magic — which bears a remarkably similarity to “The Bloody Hand”-concept mentioned here from one-sheets by Anselmo Ballester and Saul Bass.

The Best of Braun!

The sexy style of German movie poster designer, Hans Braun, has a certain je ne sais quoi…

Part Jean Mascii, part Osvaldo Venturi, his bold, rich, timeless, passionate portraits lit up marquees throughout Europe in the 1950s and 60s with some of Hollywood’s most sizzling stars. (via KinoArt and LAMP)

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina!

That Internet-ional movie poster powerhouse, EMoviePoster, has a ton of strangely seductive Argentinean one-sheets, including a few by Essex and Osvaldo Venturi — as well as oversized USA 3-sheets and 6-sheets — up on the chopping block today…

Brini Is Beautiful!

If the drawing styles of Toulouse Lautrec and Osvaldo Venturi were to meet up in a dark alley, then you might come out smelling like a rose with the bright watercolory beauties of Italian movie poster artist, Ercole Brini.

From The Bicycle Thief to Blow-Up, his romantic paintings posters added a touch of elegance to whomever was appearing in them — especially his striking, sophisticated portraits of women — as Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren would surely attest. And just his name sounds like one of today’s fashion world gurus…Georgio Armani, Henri Bendel…Ercole Brini! (via DominiqueBesson and MoviePosterDB)

The Great Venturi

One of my favorite all-time movie poster artists is the Argentinean illustrator, Osvaldo Venturi — who I didn’t even know existed until a year and a half ago when I stumbled upon his work in The Art of The Modern Movie Poster from The Posteritati Gallery in NYC.

Venturi’s elegant posters from the 1940s and 19450s are more like paintings than one sheets, filled with vivid, swirling bursts of color and large dramatic faces of movie stars (perhaps he was the one who invented the notorious “floating heads“).

The price ranges for these beauties are all over the map from thousands of dollars on eBay to just a couple ten spots on EMoviePoster if you get lucky. So, to paraphrase Ferris Bueller, “if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

Gift Books!

Still looking for gifts for fellow movie poster fans? Check out The Art of the Modern Movie Poster from Chronicle Books.

It’s an excellent resource on the history of one-sheets, emphasizing International designs. In fact, after reading this baby, I discovered that a recently purchased poster of mine from was created by Osvaldo Venturi, a prominent Argentinean artist in the 30’s and 40’s. And only $12!