Killing Them Stylishly…

If you haven’t heard, aside from being the biggest movie star on Earth, Brad Pitt also builds houses and designs furniture…Can movie poster design be too far behind? (NYT, IMP)

Cleopatra’s Beautiful Ruins…

Since there’s only a few more weeks left until Labor Day, you might want to grab Jess Walter’s well-reviewed novel, Beautiful Ruins, for your summer beach read. It has special appeal to vintage movie fans, as the storyline involves a beautiful, mysterious actress visiting the southern Italian coast, fresh off the set of 1962’s epic filming of Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

As an added bonus, check out these equally stunning one-sheets by Mac Gomez (top left) and Howard Terpning.

Joan of Arcs

Last week’s Hollywood Reporter profile of Mad Men star, Christina Hendricks, entitled “The Arc of Joan” — got me thinking about all of those other powerful Joan film adaptations that caused a firestorm.

What’s Your Question?

Spiked Movie Posters!

Ever since Spike Lee blasted out of NYU film school with She’s Gotta Have It, he’s always had a clever head for marketing — starting with his Mars Blackmon-flavored Nike ads that helped launch Michael Jordan to mainstream popularity as well as being one of the first filmmakers to open his own movie memorabilia shop back in the day, the now-defunct Spike’s Joint.

So while Mr. Lee’s had his share of hits and misses over the years, you cannot deny his big play potential! (ImpAwards)

Statham Pulls An Eastwood

If it worked for Clint, why not bring out the big guns? Bill Gold solidified Eastwood’s reputation as a poster boy badass.

Whiter Shades of Pale.

Can you imagine if today’s over-Photoshopped movie posters tried this minimal 70’s approach? Ah, the beauty of simplicity! (ImpAwards)

I-Spy Photoshop

Heard of facial recognition software? French graphic designer, Sébastien Ocana, has an insightful blog called Endupliquant that detects various Photoshop manipulations on movie posters…