Poster Nirvana Rocks!

If Kurt Cobain were alive today, he might say that the movie poster collection on Poster Nirvana was in full bloom. Mel, the owner, just recently started collecting back in March 2009 and has quickly amassed a nice solid stash of contemporary classics — and his website neatly divvies up his holdings by ratings, decade, genres, and sub-genres. Another cool facet of his site is the “Recalled Section” where he provides some interesting back stories to how and why several big-time movie posters (Clockers, Dick Tracy, Pulp Fiction, and more) were pulled by their respective studios over the years.

Although it appears that he’s a major fan of the franchises like Star Wars and James Bond films, he also has an impeccable knack for display as he seamlessly mixes in 60’s and 70’s mod pieces with 21st Century one-sheets …and yet somehow makes it all work. And I’m sure his framer must be one happy guy/gal!

Never Say Dorero

Just when I think I’ve seen about every James Bond movie poster artist out there, another one pops up…Case in point: R. Dorero, who created the Never Say Never Again poster, which was also Sean Connery’s last turn as 007. As for Mr. Dorero, his whereabouts are apparently also classified as not much information is available on him. But you can get the Lebanese version of NSNA for $23 at!

The British Godfather

Eric Pulford was perhaps the most important figure in British movie poster history, conceiving thousands of designs in his storied fifty-year career. After buying a controlling interest in Downtons Advertising, he turned it into the chief film agency in England and employed numerous talented photographers and illustrators — most notably, “The Italian Connection” of Renato Fratini (From Russia With Love) and Arnaldo Putzu — to execute its brilliant print campaigns.

Mr. Pulford died in 2005 at the age of 89.

The Great McGinnis

You know you must be pretty good if they make a documentary about you. And that’s exactly what they did with Robert McGinnis.

Famous for his iconic James Bond movie posters, McGinnis was also great at drawing the ladies. Apparently, he was so detailed that he once even requested Sophia Loren’s dress be sent to his studio to complete the poster for Arabesque.

Check out the trailer for Painting the Last Rose of Summer

What The Heck Happened To MeanSheets?

MeanSheets was originally created to spoof movies, movie stars, and all of the seemingly infinite pop culture references that saturate our snarky, celebrity-obsessed society. But after a while, I felt kinda sleazy trying to catch up on all of the gossip about Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian…

So, MeanSheets has been rejuven-amped!

MeanSheets will now focus on the art of the movie poster and the many incredibly talented and largely unknown movie poster artists and designers of the 20th Century. So consider MeanSheets like an online museum — where we pay tribute to the Picassos and Matisses of the movie poster world.

And for those of you who still miss the Megan Fox pics, there’s always the archives!