L’Arnaqueur or L’Arnaque?

It don’t matter if he’s hustling or stinging, it’s all French to Paul Newman

the Hustler grinnsonthe sting french poster landi

Come Sail Away!

Until They Sail (French grande, 47×63) from Roger Soubie

until they sail small

Twilight Rides Again!

I know all the kids are talking about that new Twilight movie — and it’s so nice to see that a Hollywood legend like Paul Newman still has staying power!

El Hombre?

I never need an excuse to boast the poster work of Boris Grinsson (seen below on bottom right), but ESPN’s story about slugger, Albert Pujols, recent signing with the Los Angeles Angeles gave me a perfect one…

Elizabeth Taylor Tribute

This Wednesday, we lost a legend in Elizabeth Taylor, so I thought I’d sign off for the weekend with this lovely AMC tribute done a few years back by her Cat On A Hot Tin Roof co-star/fellow humanitarian actor, Paul Newman


Yesterday we unleashed Jack The Ripper and today we’re going to lift up the sheets on The Stripper, a little-known 60’s B-movie starring Joanne Woodward who, as you may well know, was happily married to Paul Newman for 50+ years. The top two French versions of the poster were done by French kingpin-up artist, Boris Grinsson.

The Terraces

In The Art of The Modern Movie Poster, Sam Sarowitz (of Posteritati fame) does a poster breakdown for a few select movie titles, comparing and contrasting the various International poster designs from each country. So I thought I’d do that here with From The Terrace (1960), a not-so-popular film adaptation of John O’Hara’s bestseller, starring then-newlyweds, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Check out the official trailer here.

My personal favorite is the French version, which was done by notable artist, Georges Kerfyser.

Les French Faulkners

William Faulkner was a Nobel Prize-winning Southern writer who wrote movies purely for the money — and it showed as Hollywood bastardized most of the film adaptations of his literary masterpieces. But at least a few of the French movie poster artists got it right, including Boris Grinsson, who did the artwork on The Sound and The Fury below.


There’s a new book out by Paul Newman’s buddy-in-crime, A.E. Hotchner, called Paul and Me. And it sounds like Newman was quite the prankster!

Aside from the many great stories about the man and his numerous charitable acts not involving salad dressing, the book got me all nostalgic about those wonderful movie posters from The Hustler, most notably the French versions by Boris Grinsson