This Means Love?

If all is fair in love and war action-comedy, then Reese Witherspoon is getting the Mr. and Mrs. Smith treatment in This Means War…(ImpAwards)

Foxy Fire!

Firefox or Foxfire? It’s time for another Movie Poster Smackdown! Of course, my favorite French poster of the 1955 Jane Russell-Jeff Chandler film easily blows away the USA one-sheets with Angelina Jolie and Jessica Tandy and is by none other than (yawn) Boris Grinsson.

Remake Monday in 60 Seconds

If you like fast cars and fast women and somewhat shaky story development (at least in the 2000 version since I haven’t seen the ’74 original), then you’ll probably get revved up for Gone In 60 Seconds.

The Scarlett Widow

The new Black Widow character posters from Iron Man 2 are out and Scarlett Johannson’s lookin’ pretty badass!

But let’s see how she stacks up against these other superheroines…

Working Girls

Last week, Forbes reported that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were the two biggest female earners in Hollywood last year. Geez, that Brad Pitt sure knows how to pick ’em!

working girls1

Girl Interrupted + Blue Crush = Girl Crush

Megan likes Angie. Kim likes Megan…It’s a lovefest!