Bar Nuns!

I don’t think Teresa is about Mother Theresa, but these two French beauties by Boris Grinsson and Jean Mascii are second to none!

1951 Teresa 120x160the nun's story french movie poster audrey hepburn jean mascii

Maidens of Mascii

From the minds of Michel Landi (top left, The Carpetbaggers) and Jean Mascii come these two French pajama-clad beauties…

Kitchen Sink Poster Sisters!

Hell hath no fury like a bad girl movie poster scorned! (Intemporel)

Up In Arms!

The new bullet-laden teaser for Baytown Disco is not the first movie poster to show off its firepower — as seen below by the 2005 one-sheet for Lord of War and the classic 1960s shoot-’em-up film, The Professionals, with posters from American artist, Howard Terpning, and the French version by Jean Mascii. (ImpAwards and EMoviePoster)

The Best of Braun!

The sexy style of German movie poster designer, Hans Braun, has a certain je ne sais quoi…

Part Jean Mascii, part Osvaldo Venturi, his bold, rich, timeless, passionate portraits lit up marquees throughout Europe in the 1950s and 60s with some of Hollywood’s most sizzling stars. (via KinoArt and LAMP)

French West!

Even though my pops loved ’em, I’m not really a super huge fan of Westerns. However, if you take that All-American genre and mix it up with the sometimes anti-American sentiments of the French, you get an artistically interesting movie poster art combination.

Jean Mascii is credited with The Dollars of Nebraska while Boris Grinsson did The Man From Laramie (style A) and Stage to Thunder Rock; She Wore A Yellow Ribbon and Cattle King are by Roger Soubie.