Killing Them Stylishly…

If you haven’t heard, aside from being the biggest movie star on Earth, Brad Pitt also builds houses and designs furniture…Can movie poster design be too far behind? (NYT, IMP)

Ripping Them Softly?

The new minimalist one-sheet for the Brad Pitt thriller, Killing Them Softly, looks like it may have taken a page from the classic German poster for The Maltese Falcon by Hans Hillman.

This Means Love?

If all is fair in love and war action-comedy, then Reese Witherspoon is getting the Mr. and Mrs. Smith treatment in This Means War…(ImpAwards)

New Money…

Here’s the new Moneyball movie posters — both the US one-sheet and the Japanese version (top), and the previously released US teaser (bottom). (via ImpAwards)

More Movie Posters From Comic-Con 2011

Some new font-friendly posters for Contagion and Moneyball

Moneyball Movie Posters

Moneyball, the new Brad Pitt as Billy Beane (Oakland Athletics GM) baseball flick from Sony has come out with a new trailer, but no one-sheets yet, except for these sporty spoofs below from the Meansheets archives.

Can’t wait to see what the real deal looks like!

Remake Monday: Bastardized!

Okay, Quentin Tarantino‘s Inglorious Basterds (2009) isn’t technically a remake of the Inglorious Bastards of ’78 — other than the title and a slight plot resemblance of ex-WWII soldiers wreaking havoc on the Nazis…but, with the recent success of The Expendables, there’s no doubt that QT reinvented what surely will be a new wave of 70’s style action-adventure ensemble films.

Fat Basterds

Guess what? Tarantino’s doing a fat-suit movie…

fat bastards2