The Wonderful World of Walt Disney…

Yesterday, the MOPO had a sighting of this Goofy spoofy one-sheet for a Walt Disney biopic starring Ryan Gosling. (Posteropolis)

Worst Spoofs Ever?

The point of most movie spoofs is to parody a film that is ripe for parodying…but what happens when the spoofs look even stupider than the original films? Check out these unfortunate Meatballs and Rollerball wannabes!

Funny Poster Maker Spoof

Check out this Movie Poster Designer Spoof featuring The Art of the Floating Heads Movie Poster – compliments of PosterWire. (Sorry, but the embed doesn’t work on WordPress.)

It’s funnier than that Will Ferrell Swearing Baby video!

Movie Poster Floating Heads

Big Lebowski Sequel?

Get ready, Obama: here comes The Dude

dude goes to wash1

And just in time for Lebowski Fest!