Summer Poster Smackdown!

This summery day matchup of Summer With Monika lightens up the Bergman film with the bright, beautiful works of Gilbert Allard versus the equally beautiful version by French fearsome foursome, J. Fourastie

Allard For All!

If you fancy French movie posters, then you will certainly appreciate these scary beauties created by Gilbert Allard (who is sometimes referred to as “Georges” on various movie poster sites).

I couldn’t confirm the artist’s proper first name because he signed all of his posters simply, “G. Allard” (although I’m 97.1% sure!) — no matter, whether it’s Gilbert or Georges, I think we all can agree that these posters are gorgeous! (via Dominique Besson and LAMP)

International Movie Poster Friends?

I think this French version of The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie coupled with the German version of The American Friend (by Sickert) proves that even movie posters are truly universal.

Yes, Siry!

If French poster artist, Jean-Etienne Siry, hadn’t been employed in the movie studio art department, he could have easily gotten work doing fashion illustrations with his unique, stylish, colorful sketches.

However, luckily for us movie poster fans, his fun, light, witty designs — much like those of the great Clement Hurel — will always be in style! (via Dominique Besson)

Players Club Movie Posters

Here’s a look at two similar-looking French posters: Truffuat’s Shoot The Piano Player by Jouineau Bourduge (which has nothing to do with They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?) and Robert Altman’s Hollywood classic, The Player

Gun To The Head!

Okay, I need these movie posters like a hole in the head…but they do stick in your mind!

From the design houses of Grinsson (left) and Soubie (right), here are They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? and The Skull

MacLaine Reigns!

When most cinephiles visualize Shirley MacLaine, they tend to think of the strong, feisty, older Terms of Endearment-Maclaine — but back in the day, she used to be quite a hot number (as many of these 60s French posters by Boris Grinsson & Co. will back me on that)! And no doubt her sassy personality helped open the door for her hunky little bro, Warren Beatty!

Movie Poster Mutiny!

I’ve never really been much of a boat person, but these French posters of The Caine Mutiny sure bring out the beauty of the drama, especially the work of artist, Rene Peron (bottom)!

Jouineau Bourduge

No, this post is not a clever take on Woody Allen’s famous “Juneau, Alaska” quip or even about a fancy bordeaux — rather, it’s the name of a prominent French movie poster artist who signed his work with the nom de plume, Jouineau Bourduge.

And like the film/art gallery mentioned a few months ago, Jouineau Bourduge, along with René Ferraci, were two French designers who led the charge in the late 1960s and 1970s when movie studios made the transition from illustration to photography for the majority of artwork on their marketing materials. Plus, JB’s in MoMA, so he must be good!