The producers of the new erotic drama, Shame, are testing the theory that less is more — at least when it comes to sex. Directed by Steve McQueen (no, not that Steve McQueen!) and starring Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds) and Carey Mulligan, the new NC-17 film is set for limited release today and it will be intriguing to see how this steamy adult pic fares at the box office.

American moviegoing audiences, notoriously prudish when it comes to on-screen sex in film, will soon decide if they are a-Shame-d or not to see this flick. (ImpAwards)

Love These Proper Movie Posters!

Although it’s not Steve McQueen’s finest film, these worldly movie posters for the 1964 romancer, Love With The Proper Stranger, certainly make my heart flutter — especially the Italian foglio by Ercole Brini (bottom left) and the Boris Grinsson Frenchie (bottom right).

Movie Posters Separated At Birth…

Frank Sinatra’s The Detective tries to make a clean Getaway with this poster ripoff…or vice versa (since Le Detective did come out four years prior, although it could be a reissue)!

Motorin’ Movie Posters

To paraphrase a line from Stripes, “I like fast cars and fast women!”

Well, if you’re Paul Veysey, you might amend that to “fast movie posters”, as the author of Motor Movies – The Posters! has put together a turbo-charged collection of some of the hottest one sheets on wheels on his website, DrivePast, which also includes a nice vintage selection of pre-1950’s models…Vroom, vroom!

More Faulkners!

Another based on a Faulkner bomb — but at least this one starred Steve Mcqueen!

Crifo Madness

If you’re in the 90210, you should check out this exhibit of sweet old-school movie posters by Paul Crifo at the AMPAS