Let’s Get Invisible!

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Classy Belinsky

Constantin Belinsky, the Godfather of French B-movie action posters — and a frequent contributor to our beloved Kitchen Sink section — once started out with a very clean, elegant look for his posters as seen below in this early 1950s affiche.

However, possibly upon realizing that popular artists of the time such as Bernard Lancy, Henri Cerutti, and Herve Morvan had already perfected that look — he invented his own colorful style, thus moving onto bigger and bolder designs!

Next Spiderman Villain?

Okay, in the spirit of James Bond, I think I’ve found a future femme fatale for the next Spiderman flick. Check out this vintage Belinsky French poster for a 1960’s Mondo movie called Tokyorama

Le Kitchen Sink Poster of the Week

This Constantin Belinsky french action movie poster has it all — loaded firearms, a hostage/kidnapping situation with a girl in a bikini held by knifepoint, a tsunami wave about to hit the beach and wipe out a classic muscle car — and then to top it off, a bull’s eye target looming behind the tagline!

French Superhero Remake?

With the box office behemoth that is The Avengers, I’m sure movie studios are scouring the globe for the next big superhero franchise. How ’bout this vintage French Superman — with original poster work done by that evil design genius, Constantin Belinsky?

Mondo Movie Posters!

“It’s sexy time!”, to paraphrase Borat, as we delve into the strange, sensational, hyper-sexualized film genre known as Mondo (not to be confused with the other Mondo gang at Alamo Drafthouse).

Before Reality TV, the creation of Italian mondo cinema in the 1960s gave birth to a weird world of exploitation documentaries that covered many taboo subjects, including sex, death, and pretty much anything else that could either turn you on or creep you out (thank you, Russ Meyer!).

But the one good thing to come out of all this depravity is a remarkably gorgeous portfolio of movie posters, featuring artwork from such mainstream International designers as Manfredo Acerbo and Constantin Belinsky. (Images courtesy of Film Art Gallery and EMP.)

Meet The Sauvages…

Here’s some savagely beautiful sauvage (means “wild” in French) things from Boris Grinsson (top), Constantin Belinsky (The Wild One and bottom, middle), Roger Soubie (Hud, middle right), and Clement Hurel (bottom right)!

Badass Belinsky!

Are you ready to get your eyes blown out from an explosion of colors and movie poster passion? Well, you’ve come to the right place because today we are celebrating the work of 1950’s French artist, Constantin Belinsky, who dazzled the pupils of many International movie patrons for years!

Although he wasn’t assigned the best titles — mostly B-movies and genre films — it’s visually apparent that he did the best with what he got! (MoviePosterDB)