Inspired by Raquel Welch’s sexy pre-historic One Million Years BC poster (which was also featured prominently in The Shawshank Redemption), a friend wrote in to mention Barbara Bach’s loincloth-clad turn in the classic — or, more likely, never-seen — 1980’s Ringo Starr comedy, Caveman

Natalie Portman Raquel Welch Mashup!

Last year, we had a Jennifer Aniston-Barbara Streisand mashup — now it’s time for a Natalie Portman-Raquel Welch movie poster showdown!

Natalie Portman = Raquel Welch 2011?

Last week, the AllPosterForum was seriously debating the merits of Raquel Welch movie posters (because, after all, this is very stuff!) — but I couldn’t help but notice a strong resemblance to Natalie Portman — er, vice versa…

Perhaps Miss Portman’s 2010 commercial for Dior (directed by Sofia Coppola) will influence your opinion…

Fantastic Movie Posters!

Here’s a smackdown of The Fantastic Voyage (1966), including a pinup/character poster of legendary sex symbol, Raquel Welch.

And More Legs…

Remake Monday: Bedazzled!

Raquel Welch (1967) vs. Liz Hurley (2000)…

Tom Chantrell (1916-2001)

Tom Chantrell was a prolific British illustrator who did one of the more legendary Star Wars posters as well as the infamous Raquel Welch stunner for One Million Years BC and a whole slew of others. And judging by his obit, he seemed like one heckuva charmer!