War of the Movie Posters

War is hell…even for movie posters.

longest day2le gout de la violence french poster affiche clement hurel

Vintage French Kids…

From Boris Grinsson and Clement Hurel come these charming childrens designs…

French Doubtfire?

Before Robin Williams set movie screens ablaze as Mrs. Doubtfire, there was Charley (poster by Clement Hurel)…

Last Girls of Summer!

Tomorrow is officially the last day of summer — so enjoy the sunshine while it lasts (if it hasn’t disappeared wherever you’re at already)! (Intemporel)

French Nagel?

Could mid-century French poster artist, Clement Hurel (top left), possibly have inspired 80s fashion maven, Patrick Nagel?

Viva Los Sombreros!

Hats off to these fine Mexican + French posters by Boris Grinsson (Viva Zapata), Guy Gerard Noel (Un Pistolet Pour Ringo), and Clement Hurel (La Cucaracha).

Franco-Italian Poster Smackdown!

Sometimes two different artists from two different countries — Clement Hurel (France) and Sandro Symeoni (Italy) — can come up with remarkably similar-looking posters for entirely different films…(KinoArt)