& Movie Posters…

Crafty Cowboys Get Craftsy

From Richard Amsel (The Shootist, McCabe and Mrs. Miller) and Ron Lesser (Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid) comes this badass foursome of 70s western movie posters that could just as easily fit into any of today’s hipster general stores…

X’ed Out!

Yahoo! has publicly ripped the new X-Men posters as “amateurish”. To me, it looks like Saul Bass meets “The Floating Heads“…You be the judge!

Also included in the Yahoo! spanking is a link to Oddee’s Worst Movie Posters Ever, which takes potshots at such legendary poster artists as Larry Salk (Superman 3) and Richard Amsel (Up The Sandbox).

Chinatown Smackdown!

One of the greatest movies of all-time, Chinatown, also happens to have one of the coolest movie posters of all-time. My personal fave is the US version by Jim Pearsall, but the German version done by American artist, Richard Amsel, has its share of loyal fans, too. The French version, unfortunately, is uncredited, but I just had to feature it since this was a world class smackdown!

Indiana Jones: Amsel vs. Struzan

Whose Indy work do you prefer: Richard Amsel’s (top) or Drew Struzan’s (bottom)?

(NOTE: If you zoom in, you can see the artist’s signatures on the bottom lower right of each poster…something I’m sure today’s corporate studio marketing departments would never allow!)

Legend of the Day: Richard Amsel (1947-1985)

Probaby best known for his iconic Raiders of the Lost Ark work, Richard Amsel had a brief but prolific career and was recently honored with a retrospective at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia…