Classy Belinsky

Constantin Belinsky, the Godfather of French B-movie action posters — and a frequent contributor to our beloved Kitchen Sink section — once started out with a very clean, elegant look for his posters as seen below in this early 1950s affiche.

However, possibly upon realizing that popular artists of the time such as Bernard Lancy, Henri Cerutti, and Herve Morvan had already perfected that look — he invented his own colorful style, thus moving onto bigger and bolder designs!

I’m So Miserables…

The new Les Miserables meets the old Les Miserables (by Herve Morvan, bottom right)…


Do movie posters have a foot fetish?

Keyhole-y Moly!

Here’s a quartet of keyhole-view movie posters through the eyes of famed French poster artists, Guy Gerard Noel (top left), Boris Grinsson (top right), and Hervé Morvan (bottom left), and an anonymous Belgian…

Spielberg Does Tintin

Steven Spielberg is producing a reboot of the classic French comic strip series, The Adventures of Tintin, originally conceived by Belgian artist, Jacques Remi aka Hergé (not to be confused with the similarly comic-influenced French illustrator, Hervé Morvan).

Here’s the newly-released poster (top left), along with an amusing E.T. spoof (top right) from FuckYeah Movie Posters as well as an original 1960’s ad by Raymond Savignac

Miroir Miroir On The Wall…

Here’s two classic movie posters of the 1947 French twister, Miroir, from two classy French artists, Hervé Morvan and Boris Grinsson (this poster design is rumored to be his own personal favorite)…

Illusions of Grandeur

Today’s smackdown features the grandiose illustration work of French poster artists, Hervé Morvan (top right + middle) and Bernard Lancy (top left)…

Of course, this Grand Illusion has nothing to do with the classic 1970’s album by Styx

Hervé Morvan, French Poster Genius!

No, I’m not talking about former Fantasy Island star, Hervé Villechaize — although you could say that Monsieur Morvan (1917-1980) has created a visual oasis with his designs that will be forever tattooed in our minds.

Similiar in style to Savignac, Morvan was known primarily for his playful, color print ads as his illustrations were stamped on everything from Perrier to Panzani Pasta, as well as beer, wine, and cigarettes. In 1942, he got his first crack at designing movie posters — and never looked back, covering such classics as The Grande Illusion and Casablanca. And now thanks to the recent PieBooks release, Herve Morvan: The Genius of French Poster Art, you can let your eyeballs soak up his scrumptious feast! (via FishInk)