Romancing the Valentines!

In the mood for some poster love on this Valentine’s Day? Nobody does it better than the French — especially these bad boys by man, Boris Grinsson! (Eatbrie)

love-with-the-proper-stranger french movie poster boris grinssonmy man godfrey french poster boris grinsson

Carrie On…

If you’re excited about the new Carrie reboot hitting theatres in March 2013, then you’re going to have to wait a little longer — as the film’s release has been pushed back to October 18, 2013 — just in time to capitalize on the pre-Halloween crowd. (IMP)

carrie poster 1976carrie french poster 1p jouineau bourdugecarrie movie poster 2013

Faces in the Crowd…

Sometimes movie poster collecting is a spectator sport…(MoviePosterDB)

Gone With Le Vent…

Just in case you haven’t set eyes on the delicious movie poster collection of Eatbrie, then check out his latest French take on an American classic — the Thomas Hart Benton-like two-panel for Gone With the Wind by artist, Roger Soubie.

Vintage French Kids…

From Boris Grinsson and Clement Hurel come these charming childrens designs…

Kitchen Sink Poster Showcase!

Michel Landi brings you baubles, women, windmills, sumo wrestlers, and guns. Lots and lots of guns.

French Nagel?

Could mid-century French poster artist, Clement Hurel (top left), possibly have inspired 80s fashion maven, Patrick Nagel?

Viva Los Sombreros!

Hats off to these fine Mexican + French posters by Boris Grinsson (Viva Zapata), Guy Gerard Noel (Un Pistolet Pour Ringo), and Clement Hurel (La Cucaracha).