The Great Gatsby Returns!

On the eve of the high-profile release of The Great Gatsby remake, The New York Times recently discussed how retailers like Barnes & Noble and WalMart were having a classic New School vs. Old School debate on whether to feature the movie tie-in edition (below, left) or the original book cover art (right) for their shelves. (NYT)

Perhaps even design legend, Saul Bass, might’ve been inspired by Gatsby, too, when you look at his 1960s one-sheet for Bonjour Tristesse. And just in case you missed it (or are a loyal Bing fan), Mr. Bass was given the Internet’s highest honor yesterday with a Google Doodle tribute on the search engine king’s main page. (Guardian)

the great gatsby book cover new moviethe great gatsby book cover original

Gorgeous Georges!

Georges Kerfyser created some of the most dramatic French and Belgian posters of the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s — and arguably the sexiest one-sheet of the 20th Century (Blow-Up). What’s even more amazing though is that there is very little personal information about him online, except for the legacy of his name associated with his many fine designs.