Danish Wenzel

I know, it sounds like a food — but Karl Wenzel was actually a rather famous designer of Danish movie posters back in the day. Just take a taste of his delicious eye candy for yourself! (EMoviePoster)

Be Stilling My Heart!

There once was a Danish movie poster artist named Stilling

Don’t know his first name, but he deserved top billing.

During the 50’s and 60’s, he drew up many dramas and ro-mance…

Pretty movie posters that will charm you out of your pants! (via LAMP and EmP)

Danish Delights!

When one thinks of pretty movie posters, the mind naturally visualizes the more sensual countries of origin (e.g., French, Belgian, or Italian), but EMoviePoster is trying to change that bias with its sweet collection of Danish beauties in its “World of Movie Posters” auction, which ends today, and features the usual Great Danes such as Wenzel, Stilling, and Gaston

Danish vs. Polish Smackdown!

This doesn’t really look like a fair fight: Guns or Moustaches?