FilmPoster Blitz!

If you’re in the market for some super stylish film noir posters from Germany, then check out Helmut Hamm’s sale on! (MOPO)

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Noir City Lights

Can’t make it to Sundance? The Noir City Film Festival unspools in San Francisco this weekend with plenty of oldie but goodies like Gaslight, Don’t Bother To Knock, and Sorry Wrong Number…and you can also buy some noiry-themed woodcuts!

Film Noir Tribute Video

Here’s a cool Film Noir mashup video edited by Serena Bramble that was screened during last spring’s San Francisco Film Noir Festival, hosted by local noir-it-all, Eddie Muller.

(NOTE to all you ADDers: Hang in there as the music montage kicks in at the :34 second mark!)