Stuck In A Rutters

Klaus Rütters, one of the more under-sung German poster artists of his time, completed quite a few Hollywood classics on his palette, featuring some of the era’s biggest stars…(EMoviePoster)

The Best of Braun!

The sexy style of German movie poster designer, Hans Braun, has a certain je ne sais quoi…

Part Jean Mascii, part Osvaldo Venturi, his bold, rich, timeless, passionate portraits lit up marquees throughout Europe in the 1950s and 60s with some of Hollywood’s most sizzling stars. (via KinoArt and LAMP)

Plus Size Posters!

Speaking of history, EMoviePoster has another auction of weird, but wonderful non-U.S. oversized posters that ends today. (And yes, that is a gorilla mask that the lady in the bikini is holding in poster #1. No idea what it means!)