That Old Black Magic

Although not as well known as fellow Argentinean, Osvaldo Venturi, the artist known simply as Aniram did some similarly rich, deep designs for the Argentine movie theatre marquees, most notably Orson Welles’ Black Magic — which bears a remarkably similarity to “The Bloody Hand”-concept mentioned here from one-sheets by Anselmo Ballester and Saul Bass.

Les French Faulkners

William Faulkner was a Nobel Prize-winning Southern writer who wrote movies purely for the money — and it showed as Hollywood bastardized most of the film adaptations of his literary masterpieces. But at least a few of the French movie poster artists got it right, including Boris Grinsson, who did the artwork on The Sound and The Fury below.

All’s Welles That Ends Welles

Speaking of Boris Grinsson, here’s two more illustrations of his work on the French one-sheets for 1960’s Crack In The Mirror, starring Orson Welles.