Obrero-Gate Continues…

I got a hold of Mr. Obrero over the weekend to explain the Dorero-Obrero mishap and he sent me an early version of what his Never Say Never Again poster looked like “before the lawyers took everything out”.

What I also didn’t know is that he did the artwork for the original Masters of the Universe toys and lunchboxes.

So if you’re into all things Obrero, check out Rudy’s own masterful website here — as well as this interview with him from 2009.

You Say Dorero, I Say Obrero!

Last month, I wrote about an “unknown” artist named R. Dorero who did the Never Say Never Again one-sheet. Well, the reason this Dorero character was such a mystery is because he doesn’t exist!

The real artist who did this James Bond classic happens to be a very accomplished illustrator named Rudy Obrero who has done a whole slew of other movie posters, including The Postman Always Rings Twice, Oh God You Devil, A Fish Called Wanda as well as work on more recent pics such as The Cat In The Hat and Russell Crowe’s Master and Commander.

But I wasn’t the only one fooled — it appears that LearnAboutMoviePosters and EMoviePoster also made the same mistake. My best guess is that someone misread Obrero’s signature on the original Never Say Never Again poster and the search engines ran with it, thus the confusion. Anyway, the truth is that Rudy Obrero is the real creator behind 007’s NSNA and is still doing great work. So sorry, Rudy. I will never again mistake a Dorero for an Obrero!