Film Noir Tribute Video

Here’s a cool Film Noir mashup video edited by Serena Bramble that was screened during last spring’s San Francisco Film Noir Festival, hosted by local noir-it-all, Eddie Muller.

(NOTE to all you ADDers: Hang in there as the music montage kicks in at the :34 second mark!)

They’ve Got Personality!

Back in the mid-1940’s, Paramount hired Roger Soubie to do a series of French Personality Posters to promote its stars in Europe, most notably Veronica Lake, Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Lamour, and Ray Milland.

And if any movie studio needed someone that could highlight the beauty, radiance, and charm of its “product” — it’s apparent that Soubie was the right artist for the job.

Raymond Chandler’s Big Sleep

Notwithstanding some sloppy funeral arrangements from the notorious hard boiler, it appears that gumshoe writer, Raymond Chandler, will finally be reunited with his beloved wife after all!

Below are a few Philip Marlowe movie posters by Richard Amsel (top left and bottom left), Jack Davis (bottom middle), and David McMacken (top right).