A Dash-ell of Hammett, please?

Look out, film fanatics, because Noir City’s annual San Francisco Film Noir Festival begins this weekend and runs through January 29, capping off with a Dashell Hammett marathon, including screenings of the 1931 and 1941 versions of The Maltese Falcon

And don’t miss out on these French poster beauties (drawn by Roger Soubie) of that other Hammett classic, The Glass Key.

You Down With MCP?

…yeah, you know me! The wonderful Spanish movie poster trifecta dubbed Estudio MCP (not to be mixed up with The BCM Studio of Italy) — specifically, Ramon Marti, Josep Clave, and Hernan Pico — first appeared on my radar when they were featured in the coffeetable classic, Art of the Modern Movie Poster, by Dave Kehr and Sam Sarowitz, aka Mr. Posteritati.

Sticking to their specialty of film noir and action dramas, the MCP set Español cinemas on fire from the 1950s into the early 1970s with their red hot-blooded designs.

Hans Off!

Daniel Levy of NYC’s Illustraction Gallery has a nice little write-up this week on Hans Hillman, a prolific German movie poster designer who created over 130 movie posters, most famously The Maltese Falcon

Keep On Truckin’

Here’s some International vintage posters from two classic film noir trucker films, The Long Haul (featuring the heavy workloads of Anselmo Ballester, Georges Kerfyser, and Hans Braun, respectively, in order on the top row) and Thieves Highway (Boris Grinsson, bottom).

Allard For All!

If you fancy French movie posters, then you will certainly appreciate these scary beauties created by Gilbert Allard (who is sometimes referred to as “Georges” on various movie poster sites).

I couldn’t confirm the artist’s proper first name because he signed all of his posters simply, “G. Allard” (although I’m 97.1% sure!) — no matter, whether it’s Gilbert or Georges, I think we all can agree that these posters are gorgeous! (via Dominique Besson and LAMP)

The Miracle of Martinati

In the past, you’ve heard about the infamous Italian trio of artists who dubbed themselves The BCM Studio (BallesterCapitani-Martinati) — but I’ve yet to dedicate a single post to the movie posters credited solely to Luigi Martinati. So hang onto your hats, folks, because it doesn’t get much better than this…

Of course, if you want to be a true foglio aficionado, then do your eyes a favor and check out Dave Kehr’s enchanting-yet-simply-titled book, Italian Film Posters. (via Chisholm-Larsson and MoviePosterDB)

Pickup My Posters!

There is quite a bit of controversy about the pros and cons of linenbacking/poster restoration, as evident on such passionate movie poster forums as MoPO and APF — but check out this cool before and after job done on the classic 1950’s bad girl one sheet, Pickup, by Dario Casadei of Vintage Movie Art.

Even if you aren’t a fan of movie poster repair, Casadei’s informative website uncovers some illuminating tricks and pics of the process…

Noir City Lights

Can’t make it to Sundance? The Noir City Film Festival unspools in San Francisco this weekend with plenty of oldie but goodies like Gaslight, Don’t Bother To Knock, and Sorry Wrong Number…and you can also buy some noiry-themed woodcuts!

When Péron Met Bogey…

The Caine Mutiny was not René Péron’s only collaboration with Humphrey Bogart as these other movie posters below show this was more than just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Here’s looking at you, kids…